The Fastest Way to Get Your Home Bakery Profitable

Hi there! If you are anything like me, you need to get your bakery as profitable as possible. It's your livelihood and it is essential. I was in the same predicament and it has become my mission to be as creative as possible when it comes to my business while working smarter, not harder.

I have a lot of resources on my website and my social media pages but to expedite things, start with ONE or BOTH of the following:

Join my membership if you are able to: 

  • It has over 12,000 bakers and is intentionally priced very low ($4.99/month or $50 per year).
  • As a member, you can view or listen to all of my workshops/courses aligned toward working smarter, not harder and generating income via a home bakery.
  • You'll also get all of my recipes for everything I sell in my own home bakery. 
  • As a member, you also receive enough monthly coupons and discounts to spend on bakery packaging (which is something you need anyway) to cover your monthly membership fee and more. So joining is a no brainer.
  • Click here to read more about the membership program.

Listen to my free podcast episode with David Cabrill from the Forrager Podcast:

This is a two-part session and I share a lot of what helped get my own bakery profitable quickly. I think it might be a good listen for others also growing their bakery.

Read the following free resources available on my website:

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I’m interested in getting helped on getting my business profitable please

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