Are You Your Greatest Obstacle or Your Greatest Facilitator of Success? 8 Questions to Ask Yourself

Are You Your Greatest Obstacle or Your Greatest Facilitator of Success? 8 Questions to Ask Yourself

A few years ago, I took the leap and opened a home bakery, despite my lack of knowledge in running a business.

My journey was marked by self-doubt, a scarcity of confidence, and the struggle against my own limitations

Surprisingly, amidst these challenges, I did find success and, today, I own three flourishing businesses in the baking niche, boasting multiple income streams and continuous growth.

So what changed? My mindset. It's not what you think though...I didn't "manifest" anything. I didn't WILL it to happen or simply think positive thoughts.

What I did do was shift the way I perceived myself, my successes, failures, and opportunities.

I realized I was an OBSTACLE to my own success, not a facilitator. My fear of failure was holding me hostage.

In case this might also be you, here are 8 questions to explore:

  1. Are you willing to start your business before feeling completely ready, or does perfectionism keep you frozen?
  2. Are you excited about learning from your decisions, or does the fear of making mistakes hinder you?
  3. Do you embrace failures as opportunities to learn, or does the fear of imperfection hold you back?
  4. Are you determined to persist, even when results are not immediate, or do you avoid the discomfort of being a beginner?
  5. Can you separate your goals from nay-sayers' opinions, or do they impact your confidence?
  6. Are you comfortable thinking like a scientist and studying your results, or do emotions interfere with progress?
  7. Can you persist through challenges, even in less enjoyable areas of your business, or does the fear of dissatisfaction tempt you to give up prematurely?
  8. Do you understand that wisdom evolves from both positive and challenging experiences, or do you limit your comfort to actions boosting your ego?

I hope these questions inspire you to explore how our own thinking can hinder our progress. Small business is not just about transactions; it's a journey of personal growth. Embrace the challenges, learn from the setbacks, and let the evolution of wisdom be your guide. 

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Excellent post of everything I been true too and resilient with in the last 7 years 😂

Kaya Smith

I am my worship critic and I am the one holding myself back from not deciding what items to sell.
I need clerity


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