The Platinum Plan

Note: Platinum Level courses are currently exclusive to Platinum VIP members (not available for individual purchase).

Hey baker, one of the best things I've done is to add additional revenue streams to my business beyond only baking. It's allowed me to actually take time off from baking when needed yet still earn money (something that was a stress point before).

For me, I started with just one course that then evolved into eBooks, recipes and finally a membership program.

In the Platinum VIP, my highest tiered membership, I teach how to start small with digital products to begin earning passive income.

Even if you don't feel ready yet, I encourage you to start learning as soon as possible as this will transform your earning potential.

Enroll Monthly for $9.99

Enroll Annually for $100

Members can cancel anytime

Members in the Platinum Plan can cancel anytime and also have a 15% discount plus $10 monthly gift card to use on my bakery packaging products.