Why You Should Be at the Farmer's Market

Why You Should Be at the Farmer's Market


Even if you can only do so for a short time, I believe strongly that you should take your home bakery to the market. And, trust me, I didn't want to myself!

I was overwhelmed, intimidated, and introverted. Somehow, I still ended up there and it was the best decision I made for my business.

Here's Why:

Increased Sales: It allows you to "go to the customers" rather than waiting for them to find you. This is a game changer when it comes to getting sales.


Confidence: Waiting for customers to find you and order can feel defeating. Seeing customers purchase from you and then return the next week to purchase again is often the boost you need to keep going.

Marketing Skills: If you feel like marketing is something that overwhelms you, attending a farmer's market will be like a crash course in marketing. Your display will improve, your ability to determine what causes people to walk on by and what draws them to your booth will improve. You'll begin to bundle offers, price your products more effectively, and present your baked goods in a manner that entices customers. This knowledge is HUGE when it comes to skilled entrepreneurship.

Time Management: You will be forced to improve all time management skills, finding ways to work smarter, not harder.

Exposure/Word of Mouth: This is the fastest way for your customer base to increase. This increase in community exposure will greatly benefit you in the future and open doors that were not previously opened (i.e. opening a storefront, offering porch pick-up, offering delivery, increasing your prices due to demand, etc.). 

To sum it all up, you will simply improve in all areas of your business. If you need assistance preparing for a market, please see the following links:

Determining How Many Baked Goods to Take to a Market Day

For links to everything I use at the Farmer's Market, please see my Farmer's Market Course Bundle

Members: You already have this course bundle for free. Please see Module 7 of the Pink Plan CORE.



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How many baked goods did you originally plan for the farmers market and how many did you finally observe that you’ll need to have for one day there? Thank you so much for all of your baking advice.

Cynthia Gonzales

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