The Importance of Defining Core Values for Your Home Bakery

Why “I Want to Be My Own Boss” Isn’t Enough

f I could go back, back to the start of my business launch, I would definitely do one thing better and that is to plan out my vision and goals in a more defined manner. My thoughts at the time focused on just being my own boss and using my creativity to earn an income when I should have been really thinking through my vision. I’m not upset about it (I didn’t know what I didn’t know) but I would have likely saved myself from wasting a great deal of time. I would have begun to earn a consistent income faster. I would have enjoyed my work more. I wouldn’t have had to change things as much as I did. I would have been clear on what makes me unique as a person and what I have to bring to the baking, or small business, world.


If you feel like I did, as if you really don’t know where you are headed, as if you are so overwhelmed that you aren’t even sure what your long term vision is, I’m here to tell you that you are NORMAL, you are totally OKAY. Good grief, I have a doctorate degree in leadership and I wasn’t able to transfer that knowledge to the entrepreneurship world. It is LEARNING CURVE like no other. So any progress forward is good progress and the fact that I took a leap forward still makes me proud (even though I had no idea what I was doing) and you should be proud too.

With that, however, I highly encourage that you take the time to identify your Core Values. Even if you identify them now and then later you alter them a bit…and maybe even alter them yet again further down the road…taking the time now to consider what they are, reflect on them, and determine if your business goals are aligned to them will not only increase your confidence but benefit you greatly as you fine-tune your long term vision.

Had I done this, my first business idea (a cake decorating sprinkle business) probably would have never been launched. I would have realized that my core values are community building, helping others, education, and cheering people on.

I have a free Core Values Planner that will help you to identify your own. It covers the following:

  • What makes your business special
  • Why you have started, or are starting your business
  • The type of impact you want to have
Once you are done, move to the Vision Statement. Getting clear on both of these components of business will enable you to begin marketing your business with language and messaging that is clear, consistent, and connects right back to why you opened your business to begin with.

Happy Baking!

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