Where to Find It...

My Pink Bakery Cart is typically located in Big Bear, California. It operates on a "pay what you can" model where visitors are able to choose from a variety of baked goods and do just what they can!

I love giving back to my community and this allows me to continue baking and provide my baked goods to others.

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Here are a Few Facts

When is your cart out?

My cart is out during the weeks that I bake. At this point, I do not bake every week since my teaching community as well as my bakery packaging business have grown substantially. When I am able to bake, I always post on my Instagram and Facebook in advance so please follow me there!

How does your bakery cart work?

I put my bakery cart either on my own property or in a public location (usually Sugar Loaf Park in Big Bear, CA)

I stock it with baked goods and notify everyone on social media where it will be and for how long.

Visitors can pay via cash or via QR codes for digital payment.

What safety precautions do you take?

All of my baked goods are “tamper-proof”. That means someone can’t open up a package, tamper with it, and an unsuspecting customer wouldn’t know.

It would be obvious that product seal has been broken. This is important.

Why do you operate on a "pay what you can" model?

I have found that most humans love choice. If we tell someone our cake is $15, they may scoff. But if we allow them to pay what they can, they are often generous and pay even more.

I like giving people the choice and I also like for people who can’t pay a lot to still be able to try my baked goods. It all seems to balance out in the end.

Can I order from you directly if your cart is not out?

Unfortunately, I do not take orders at this time. I bake whenever I can but between my bake weeks, I am working full-time in my teaching community and/or my bakery packaging business.

Will your cart ever be back in Apple Valley?

Yes! It is primarily in Big Bear, CA but we will definitely be bringing it back to Apple Valley periodically. Please watch my Instagram and my Facebook pages for announcements.

I want to start a cart. Where can I find more information?

Definitely check out my Cart FAQ sheet for bakers. It will answer a lot of your questions! And I hope you start your own!